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The importance we place on sustainability is one of our defining characteristics, part of our identity, something we were born with.


As a company that takes responsibility for its actions, it is our aim to “pollinate” in a way that benefits the environment.

Below are some of the strategies through which we promote sustainability while growing the best flowers in Mexico:


Rainwater harvesting:

Our greenhouses are equipped with channels that collect rainwater and send it to our reservoir for reuse.

Technified irrigation systems:

This precise system of irrigation enables us to optimize one of our most valuable resources and thus ensure that not a single drop of water is wasted.

Biological control:

Through the use of predator species to reduce or eradicate insects/pests that may harm crops, and hence minimize the need for pesticides.

Reduced use of plastic:

We have a policy in all our operational locations of reducing the use of disposable plastic items, as we believe this material may be very harmful to the environment.

Barriers against pests:

We use a combination of physical and biological barriers to keep pests away from our flower crop. It is a way to harmoniously integrate all the control mechanisms we have available to keep pests away from our beautiful flowers.


We work towards attaining international certification for standards that safeguard and strengthen the principles of Sustainability: care for the environment; economic viability; commitment to our community and to our collaborators.

Use of organic fertilizers:

They enhance the fertility of our land in a way that improves its quality and benefits our crop.


Promotion of art and sports:

Through the organization of sports and artistic events, we foster the inclusion and participation of the community and reinforce societal values. We also have a program to build playing fields for children and teenagers in the towns near our operational locations.

Inclusion of women in our workforce:

Because we believe it is imperative to find more and new ways for women to enter the labor sector, we always seek to create employment opportunities for women that are often denied due to gender discrimination.

Community support:

Through our communication channels we listen to the community in which we operate in order to meet the needs of its members as much as we are able and to drive improvement projects.


At Oleoflor, we believe that business success is an essential engine for societal development. We are therefore committed to promoting and safeguarding the financial interests that will keep this system alive and working in the long term.


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